Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Haka you! Laura Bush.

[h/t to my unwitting phone pal, Rachel Maddow]
First Lady Laura Bush is in Afghanistan to... apologize, I hope 
"Laura Bush flew by helicopter deep into central Afghanistan on Sunday on a one-day visit to highlight the United States' continued commitment to the country...

Her visit comes as concern has been growing, particularly in Europe and at the United Nations, that Mr. Karzai might not be up to the task of addressing Afghanistan's many economic and political problems. [
Is this a textbook case of the President calling the Karzai black? Perhaps All Black?]

The occasion was marred, too, by continuing violence around the country. Eleven police officers were killed... and a local journalist was found shot dead... three British soldiers were killed and a fourth was wounded...
[the NYTimes... emphasis mine.]

But here's the funny: New Zealand soldiers greeted the First Lady with a "traditional arrival dance."
(Be one of the first 500 to view the video... I was 79th.) It seems to me that I've seen that dance somewhere before. But where?

Oh! I remember now.

here (controversial.)

Honestly, the Bush family should give up and just stay away from all of the great games of Empire. President 27% took one off the noggin' playing cricket.

I always knew he was a

I wonder if the First Lady has any idea just
 how obscene some Hakas can be. Of course most obscenities pale in the face of her husband's war. But it is a lot of fun to imagine President 27% hiding behind metaphorical skirts instead of literal skirts who have been sent to Afghanistan to be greeted by New Zealanders and their traditional arrival dances.

What a perfect metaphor for the Bush Administration's cultural blindness. I'm no Kiwi but I'm fairly sure that everyone from Peter Jackson to Kiri Te Kanawa to millions of sheep are laughing at Laura Bush.

Who knew that such Britishness lurked within me? Bonus points for spotting the
Kipling reference. Pip pip, cheerio! Guv'na.